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First Year

1-Phonetics: (Better English Pronunciation)

By J. D. O’ Conner

2-Grammar (English Grammar in Use)

 By Raymond Murphy

3-Literature: (Poetry and Prose Appreciation for Overseas Students)

 By L. G. Alexander

4- Comprehension: (Developing Skills: New Concept in English)

By L. G. Alexander

5-Composition: (Guided Course in English Composition) By John Milan

6- Conversation: (Situational Dialogues)

By Michael Ockenden

Second Year

1-Phonology: English Phonetics and Phonology

By Peter Roach

2-Research: Writing Research Papers

By Edward P. Baily, Philip A. Powel, and Jack M. Shuttleworth

3-Grammar: An Introductory English Grammar

By Norman C. Stageberg


A-The Old Man and the Sea

By Ernest Hemingway

B-A Book of Short Stories

By Dr. Fakhir Abdul-Razzak and Dr. Aziz Al-Muttalibi


A-One Act-Plays

By  Dr. Mohammed Baqir Twaij and Dr. Mousa Al-Soudani

B-Doctor Faustus

By Marlowe


A-English Poetry (1) The Sixteenth Century

By Ala’uddin H. Al-Jubori, Dr. Khalil Mahir, and Dr. Issam Al-khatib

B-English Poetry (2) The Seventeenth Century

By A. W. Al-Wakil and Aladin Hammoud

7-Composition: College Composition

By Fakhir A. Razzak and Helen Al-Hassan

8-Comprehension: Sixty Steps to Précis

By L. G. Alexander

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