About the Department

The Department of Quranic Sciences has proven its worth and excellence over the last three years in all human fields and branches. The Department has been established in the academic year 2010-2011.  The fundamental pillar of the department is to apply the teachings of the Islamic religion and the Sunna to build an educated and knowledgeable generation in the footsteps of our righteous imams. It provides the members of the society with knowledge, jurisprudence, religion and sharia sources, and other religious and historical sciences. It thanks to laying the foundations of this department to the Faculty of Education, who are still a guide and source of many of the Quranic, grammatical and morphological studies in this university which has become a great institution.

The Vision

The department becomes a specialized college concerned with the study of the Holy Quran and its sciences and the Hadith of the Prophet to   disseminate them in the community as a reference for knowledge so that  to establish knowledge resources to learn from the  Quran, its language and interpretation.

The Message

The use of plans and procedures related to the Quranic knowledge, the prophetic Sunnah, the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt peace be upon them, to follow practical and ideological academic and educational procedures that help to disseminate the culture of reform.

The aims

  1. To prepare pedagogical teaching staff distinguished by the Islamic culture (Quranic – Prophetic), looking to build generations with the necessary knowledge.

  2. To prepare a generation that realizes the cognitive dimensions of the Holy Qur’an.

  3. To provide the secondary schools with teachers (Islamic education, Tafsir) (and general Arabic and Quranic), capable of constructive spiritual influence on the students.

  4. To provide the community with academic staff based on the principle: The other either your brother in religion or equivalent to you in the creation, and reject the exclusion, and deny arrogance and show off and show help, assistance and mercy.

  5. To achieve the current message and future vision in the light of the effective application of education and organizational management plans.

  6. To preserve the sanctity of the Holy Quran and defending it in an academic way.

  7. To achieving scientific excellence and creativity in all areas of Quranic research, in order to develop the love of knowledge. In addition, to learn about the modern curriculum in education and knowledge and to benefit from them in serving the scientific truth in the light of urging students to employ modern means to compete in promoting scientific excellence.

  8. To link the students with the scientific and cultural heritage that Islam has brought, and get advantage from the Holy Quran in preserving the dignity of society.