About the Department  

The Department of Geography in the University of Muthanna – college of Education for Humanities has been established in 1997-1998. It is an educational and research institution dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the various fields of geographic sciences. The department provides university education opportunities for students to prepare them scientifically. The department teaches both under-graduate and post-graduate students. There are three laboratories in the department: the map laboratory, the GIS laboratory, the geomorphology laboratory in addition to a climate station.

The Vision

To develop the academic and research levels to achieve scientific progress and satisfy the requirements of the community, and to reach a pioneering position locally and regionally, through which it aspires excellence and enrich knowledge, research and scientific publishing, as well as the effective teaching in all fields of geographical science.

The Message

To develop the scientific process and promote the methods of scientific research through strategic planning and clear vision of the mission of the department at the level of Iraq, and communicate with its institutions at home and abroad, and the introduction of a sophisticated methodology to meet the needs of the community.

 The aims

The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To link the geographical syllabus with the actual needs of the labor market in the present and future to achieve some benefits to the society in various fields.

  2. To be Excellent in higher education, scientific research and community service.

  3. To Develop and reach the ways that ensure the quality of performance and outputs.

  4. To optimize the use of modern techniques in education and scientific research.

  5. To attract the best faculty members, researchers and students.

  6. To develop communication language inside and outside the college and communicate with various sectors of the local community.

  7. To pay attention to the development and training programs to raise the efficiency of the graduates of the department.

  8. To prepare specialists in geographic sciences with the following capabilities:

A- To be excellent in a good scientific research based on sound scientific methodology.

B- To have a good scientific preparation for working as university teachers and teachers in the Ministry of Education.

C- To have a good scientific preparation for working as specialists in the Ministry and related State institutions.

  1. To produce an academic generation bears responsibility for the preparation and education of the future generations.

  2. To develop the student’s ability to learn, understand and apply modern scientific curriculum and master the basic skills to continue teaching themselves.

  3. To spread the culture of quality and create a spirit of positive competition, in order to improve performance.

  4. To develop the capacity of graduate students, raise their scientific and research efficiency, and encourage them to think and analyze.