About the department

The Department of History has been established in 1997 and was with the Department of Arabic language as the nucleus of the college of Education since its establishment in the year mentioned above which was then affiliated to the University of Qadisiyah. The first group of students was graduated in the academic year 2000-2001. The Department of History took great steps after the establishment of Al-Muthanna University in 2007. The Department opened the post-graduate studies in the academic year 2010-2011 within the field of modern and contemporary history and graduated the first M.A. student in the specialization mentioned in 2012. The history department has witnessed a great development in the level of its teaching staff when some of them got PhD in the field of modern and contemporary history and Islamic history, as well as the promotion of some of them and the accession of new teaching staff who completed their studies as well.

The vision

  • To study the past to understand the present and orient future in order to combine the originality and modernism by the students and graduates who are aware of the importance of the history of Iraq.
  • To be qualified at the local and regional level and elevate the Iraq of ancient civilizations to an advanced level among countries.

The Message 

  • To provide students with unique learning experiences.
  • To produce a highly qualified graduate students to meet the needs of the labor market.
  • Conducting distinguished researches in the field of historical studies and directing scientific research to serve and develop the society.
  • Enhance students’ creativity and thinking.

The aims

  • To prepare teachers who are scientifically and educationally qualified to teach in secondary schools.
  • To develop the capacity of students in the practical research.
  • To prepare students to make them projects for post-graduate studies.
  • To prepare specialized cadres for the fieldwork in the various state institutions that are related to our specialization.