About the Department

The Department of Arabic Language is an important and basic building block for all faculties. It has been established in the academic year 1997-1998 as the nucleus of the College of Education so that to be the real basis for the efficient teacher in morphology, grammar, prosody and eloquence. It aims at graduating teachers with good ideology, which could be reflected in writing articles, poems, and practicing education.

The vision

A scientific educational department aims to prepare academic teachers in the field of education and scientific research.

The Message

To prepare teachers who are scientifically and educationally qualified for teaching and scientific research to provide the educational institutions with specialized cadres.

The aims

  • To prepare a scientifically and educationally qualified generation capable of assuming the responsibility to participate in building a new generation.

  • To generate an armed generation with educational and moral values inspired by the teachings of our Islamic religion.

  • To provide the Ministry of Education with the needs of teachers specializing in Arabic language to teach in secondary schools.

  • To prepare qualified students as a postgraduate project.