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Theses and Dissertations

Arabic language Department

1 – Doaa Adel Abdul Karim

Narrative components in Ward Al-Salem’s novel

2 – Alaa Sami Abdul Hussein

Thematic approaches in the Book of the Meanings of the Quran for Copper (T: 338 e)

3. Khadija Hashem Aoun

Ibn Abad adopted a poetic theme between Ibn al-Labbani al-Dani and Ibn Hamdis

4 – Ali Hussein Anshensh

Representations of violence in contemporary Iraqi poetry

5 – Helen Fadel Abbas

The image of the Prophet Qureshi (r) in the imagination of the Sarasiri (T 656 e)

6 – Mourtada Ahmed Abdul Reda

The grammatical guidance in the simple interpretation of al-Wahidi (468 AH)

7- Hassan Jijan Al-Hassani

The references to the reading in the interpretation of interpretation and clarification of Tahir bin Ashour

8 – Iman Ward Ghali

Textual consistency in the speeches of the sentences and their messages

9 – Karrar Abdel-Elah Abdel-Kadhim

The paradox in the poetry of Abu Nawas

10 – Hassan Abdul Wahid Suhail

Poetry after 2003 in Muthanna

11 – Duaa Rahif Laho

The semantic fields of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in Al-Kafi Al-Kalini (328 AH_329)

 History Department

1 – Malik  lafta Mredi

Mouna Said Otaiba, his economic role and his intellectual activity in the UAE 1946-1990

2-Hussein Ali Mohammed

The oil policy of the government of Abdul Karim Qasim 1958-1963 Historical study

3-Hazem Kazem Taher

Jafar Sharif Imami and his political role in Iran until 1978

4-Aziz Ghali Hussein

Baqir Sharif al – Qurashi biography and its intellectual effects (1925-2012) historical study

5-Amir Karim Abdel-Aali al-Rubaie

Student Shabib and his political role in Iraq (1934/1963)

6-Riad Sahi Mashkor

Social Developments in the Omani Coast, 1945-1971

7-Ahmed Abdul Hussain Hussein

Prison Nekra Salman1958_1968

8-Ibtisam Aajil Saeed

The position of the Iraqi press on political events in Egypt 1977-1981

Geography Department

1 – Farah Abdul Azim Hussein

The relationship between transport and industrial location (applied study in Muthanna governorate)

2 – Aqeel Kazem Wali

Spatial Analysis of Urban Land Use in Al-Rumaitha City Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

3-Sarah Jabbar Karim

The Regional Role of the State of Qatar in the Middle East A study in geopolitics

4-Fatima Awad Katie

Development of rural settlement in the area of ​​glory Muthanna Governorate

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