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The Administrative Units

  1. The Bureau of The Dean


* To Organize  The Current Post to/ from The Dean Bureau.

* To manage the incoming post to all college units in punctual dates.

* Scheduling meetings of the College Dean .

* Setting the requirements of the College  Council

* Checking up the instructions to scientific departments and  administrative units.

  1. High Secretary Unit


* to response to the private documents received directly by the Dean bureau.

* To Distribute the private mail according to involved section , checking up responses and reserving copies.

* To issue the reports of college council .

*  To issue memoranda and instructions to the concerned units.

* To redirect all kinds of documents to the college units

The Unit of Management and individuals


* To investigate the official working hours for all College members.

* To announce all the instructions from the presidency of the university and the office of college Dean.

* Receiving and sending all the concerned post .

* The investigate all the entitlement of all college members in reference to promotions and bonuses.

* To save all kinds of dossiers concerning the college employees and academic staff.

* The authorize  issuing accurate documents .

    issued from the unit.

* The announce of staff directly and enjoying a holiday.

The Legal Unit


* to take part  presenting investigative records with either associate members or with students to formulate the record.

* to formulate variety of contracts concerning sales and rent belonging to the college.

* The signing of the transactions related to the work of the unit, such as the guarantees and commitments.

  1. Quality Assurance & University Performance Unit

* To improve the infrastructure of the College.

* Identify strength and weakness in the college giving suggestions to overcome the weaknesses in both the scientific departments or administrative units.

* To complete the files of assessment adopted by the ministry by generalizing among  the scientific departments and administrative units at all.

* To response the incoming mail.

  1. Unit of Registration and students affairs


* To receive and enroll the new students.

* To carefully concern with  students affairs such as  delaying , transferring  , disciplinary penalties and to issue administrative orders.

* To allow students transporting  to / from the college according to the ministerial instructions and discipline.

* The follow-up to the piece of the students.

* To response the administrative documents contained to the unit and save a copy of priorities.

* To provide students with the identity.

  1. The Accounting Unit


*To  Prepare lists of monthly salaries.

* To  Prepare lists of the remuneration of external lecturers.

 *The completion of the work on the exchange documents relating to the salaries and wages of the lecturers according to the sections of the budget.

* To Prepare monthly disclosures (the balance of revision, the analysis of the advances and secretariats, detection, matching the instruments of non-retired, expenses, income.

* Following -up to the amounts of the above committees of the College.

* To Prepare and organize of higher education fund and the calculation of the evening study .

* The retirement of the unit to organize drives (CD) of the names of the members of the college) on the permanent owners) and send it to the statement of the amount of the retirement deductions monthly salary paid to each associate.

*.To pay fees concerning the published research.

*The Special amounts of remuneration of experts and the Committee on research in cooperation with the Chairman of the Committee on promotions of the College.

  1. Control Unit and Internal Audit


 * monitoring and auditing all accounts and disclosures (the balance of the review, the analysis of the advances and secretariats, detection, matching the instruments of non-retired, expenses, income).

* Check all financial activities of the College.

* Check all accounting documents (exchange rate, under, above, the secretariats.

* The supervision and auditing of the unity of the warehouses of the inventory records and the actual input and output.

* Audit initial studies in morning and afternoon shifts and accounts of graduate studies.

  1. Free Education


 *To supply the concerned textbooks for the initial studies and then get them back at the end of the academic year after making sure of their validity.

* To work for the annual inventory to determine the overall need of textbooks, in cooperation with the scientific departments to fill the inadequate textbooks before starting the next year.

  1. The Library Unit


* To index the books in the library and classified according to the Dewey Decimal System.

* To list books in special records.

* To lend the available references  and journals for preliminary studies – postgraduate studies.

* To copy textbooks for students in cooperation with the free education unit.

*  To assist the student of science to get benefit from E-Library.

 Unit of Research and Development


* To periodically design the research plan to college academic staff.

* To document the scientific plan for each department including seminars, festivals , workshops and to follow up their implementation with the heads of the department.

* To follow-up to the graduate students (PH.D and Masters.

  1. unit of educational guidance


*  To work on solving the problems of the students and educational matters finding  solutions to these problems.

* To assist students who suffer adapting with the atmosphere of the campus.

* To Cooperate with scientific departments to resolve problems involving students.

13.Stors Unit


* To list variety of materials being purchased.

* To store the received material and submit to the requesting party .

* To carry out periodic inventory of all units of the College.

* To list materials of the evening studies.

  1. The Translation Unit


* To achieve required translation process of Arabic/ English.

*  To cooperate with continuing education unit for the work of the English courses to university units, governmental  offices and all the service of the public interest.

*  To Cooperate with the library unit in non-Arab books to classify interested books .

 15-Unit of Higher Studies


* To Cooperate with scientific department which intend to develop postgraduate studies in accordance with the possibilities and the need of the college.

* To Prepare a plan to accept all the channels in cooperation with the scientific committees and the dean assistance for scientific affairs.

* To declare  standards  of higher studied.

* To receive applications to apply for higher studies.

* To check students application apply for higher studies by checking up all official documents.

* To investigate enrollment state.

* Issuing official  documents to facilitate the task of postgraduate students.

* To assign special experts to assess theses and dissertations.

* Issuing administrative orders for the attainment of the supreme certificate student discussed.

16.Unit of Scholarship &Cultural Relations


* To generalize documents from the university presidency with respect to study outside of the country.

* To process the applications of Iraqi overseas students.

17Unit of planning and Resumption


* To present a monthly report with regard to the academic staff at the college.

*  To cooperate with registration unit Studies Unit to develop a plan of receiving admission to the college.

* To issue an annual report, which contains comprehensive information about the college, in accordance with the schedules established by the ministry.

  1. Database Unit


 *To issue a  monthly update including human resources in the college.

* To update the database for all information concerning academic staff and employee.

  1. Statistics Unit


*To present an annual statistical information to the college cadre.  *Statistical update per month.

20Media Unit


 * To cover all activities of the college in the area of information and documentation.

* To supply  the university with all activities that occur in the college.

* To supervise the festivals, conferences and seminars organized by the College.

21Continuing Education Unit


* To organize courses to develop the skills of staff and keep up with the evolution.

* To organize courses for all governmental cadres in various subjects .

* To issue certificates for all beneficiaries of the sessions, either in Arabic or English.

  1. Computer & Internet Unit


*  To maintain computer laboratories at the beginning of every academic year.

*  To give practical lectures for students of the first stage for all scientific departments.

* To check college’s website for updated.

*To complete the required correspondence with the rest of the scientific foundations as scientific forum.

*  To cooperate with continuing education unit to establish courses as well as other sectors.

  1. Computer maintenance center


 *To maintain Computer works in college units.

* To supply necessary program needed for the units works.

  1. Sports Unit


* Attracting outstanding students with the competencies and skills and   

  capabilities that qualify them for sports.

* To appoint college players for all sports events.

*  To  organizing champions in college.

* To participate in the league championships, which include universities in the southern region of the Euphrates.

25- Unit Of Maintenance


* To carry out maintenance work for college building and all the electrical appliances.

* To  maintain and operate all the electric generator and checking the power adapter.

26Reception Unit


*  To welcome visitors  and direct them.

 * To Cooperate with the security authorities of the college to maintain security.

 *To cooperate with scientific departments for reference service.

* The follow-up to the commitment of the students and the common uniform.

  1. Mechanic Unit


* To maintain college vehicles.

* Providing transport for college staff

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