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Tasks of the Scientific Associate

  • Supervising the units that are related to office and cooperate with them to answer the administrative documents received by the units

  • Setting the acceptance plan for the undergraduate and post-graduate studies in cooperation with the concerned authorities and ensure the implementation of the plan according to the potential human and material capabilities in the college.

  • Supervising the attendance of the teaching staff with the scientific departments of the College.

  • Organizing the weekly lesson schedules in coordination with the scientific departments and in relation to the classrooms halls.

  • Checking the applications for admission to postgraduate studies after receiving them from the scientific departments and unifying them in one document and then submitting them to the university presidency to issue the university order of acceptance.

  • Supervising the undergraduate student concerning the absence and the commissions of inquiry and issuing the related administrative orders.

  • Supervising the post-graduate student concerning   defer, facilitation, extending the studying period, etc. and then complete the procedures followed to transmit the theses  and dissertations  to the experts (linguistically and scientifically) in cooperation with the concerned scientific department and the post-graduate unit in secret and then complete the debate procedures and supervising the  financial issues which are related to them.

  • Designing the final examination schedules in cooperation with scientific departments.

  • Monitoring the examinations and delivering the test books in accordance with the scientific standards in force.

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