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Rehabilitation and employment

 The College of Education for Human Sciences seeks to achieve quality and excellence in the educational and professional programs and the mechanisms of teaching, learning and scientific research in the fields of human sciences. The College of Education for Human Sciences is committed to applying quality and quality standards in the preparation of secondary school teachers and researchers, Fields of education, scientific research and community service.

* Preparation of qualified teachers according to modern educational trends to undertake the task of teaching in the disciplines of Quran science, Arabic language, history, geography, and English language.

* Achieve academic excellence in accordance with the standards of academic accreditation and institutional accreditation.

* Conduct studies and scientific research in the fields of specialization for the dissemination of scientific and educational trends and their applications.

* Develop the overall aspects of student personality, while strengthening the value system, and promote the spirit of coexistence and brotherhood and deepening national belonging.

* Meet the needs of the community to contribute to the development process through the achievement of the third post of the University of the contemporary “community service” after the functions of teaching students and preparation and development of researchundefined Scientific and preparation of researchers.

* Focus on the introduction of modern methods in teaching and learning systems that increase the student’s ability to innovate and creativity.

* Develop cooperation between the college and governmental and private institutions, through the provision of scientific and educational consultations. undefined

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