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Dean’s Speech

Once before, the educational academies take on shoulder the responsibility as a reaction to the state of decline of the function of academic institutions by adopting external factors that contribute to be involved in critical states.

Determining the size of the problem accurately informed is the first step to begin with and that is why the specialized faculties prepare educators and teachers of the rising of generation. Serious efforts need to be considered.

There is no doubt that the danger is growing when we feel we are working in these institutions with the absence of awareness to this danger, especially when looking to these institutions as spaces to accommodate the large number of secondary school graduates, on the pretext that these colleges do not exceed their needs of  teaching hall. On the contrary, these colleges are essential to deal with the critical problems of the nearby society; otherwise, they will turn to destroy the individuals.

It is our responsibility to exceed the sources of scientific knowledge to the student to enable him to continue their role to revolutionize the creative energies and to install the spirit of citizenship as the sign of belonging where home is the space in which all religious, sectarian and partisan are united under the tent of one country i.e. Iraq.

Since the date of establishment in 1998, the college of education is the effective environment to prove its affects to support educational and cultural institutions.

We are fully aware that the tasks of this educational institution that is the level of a great challenge to the community, represented by the incoming cultures which are exotic phenomena.

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