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Dean C.V.

    • Mohamed Falih Al Jabouri, born 1968.

    • He obtained a master’s degree in the old Arab criticism.

    • A doctorate in modern literary criticism.

    • Assistant professor in 2008 & awarded the title of professor in 2014.

    Administrative Positions

    • Dean of The College Of Education For Humanities (2013 – till now).

    • Dean assistance for scientific affairs / college of education 2012 -2013.

    • Head of Arabic Department / college of education 2003-2005.

    • Co-coordinator higher studies /Arabic Department / college of education 2011.

    • Co-coordinator of Arabic Department / college of education 2002-2003.


    • Head of the committee of promotion/ college of education 2011-2012.

    • Head of central of examination committee for higher studies 2012.

    • Head of the auditing committee2012.

    • Member of the preparing committee 2001-2008.

    • Member of the Evaluation Committee of creative works in the university 2012.

    • Member of the preparatory committees in five scientific conferences established by the College.

    • Member of the ministry commission regarding the renewal of the curriculum.

    • Participating in all the conferences established by the College.

    • Member of the advisory staff in Iraqi poets magazine.

    • The editor of the Journal of Human Sciences, uruk.

    Other Activities

    • Scientific expert elected by the Ministry of Education to assess the academic curricula.

    • Contribute to dozens of seminars, cultural meetings held in the college, particularly those established by the Department of Arabic Language.

    • Contributed to seminars on Thursday, civil society organizations in the province of Al-Muthanna.

    • Contributed to cultural meetings set up by the cultural institutions in the province.

    Printed books

    • Poetry of Saheem Bin Watheel Al-Raihani.

    • The tendency of semiotics in the criticism of the modern Arab narrative, Dhefaf House, Beirut, 2013.

    • Assigning of the delightful methods in the extremes of the first century of Hegira. Rand House, Damascus, 2013.

    • Manners of Al-Hajaj in the poem raad alla tallasim( response to the talisman)Al-Radhwan House, Jordan, 2016.

    • Manifestations of semiotics critics in the study of ancient Arab narrative, Aman House, Morocco, 2016.

    Published Research

    • The Qur’anic texture in the contradictory of Jerer and Akhtal.

    • The approach of stabilization in the book of shareeh al mushkel (explaining the problem) of Al-Mutanabbi’s poetry to the son of his master.)

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