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Administrative Associate

Curriculum Vitae

Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Basem Khairi Khudair Al-Hassani

  • Date of Birth / 1978 / Muthanna Governorate / Al-Rumaitha city

  • M.A. degree in Arabic Language / Arabic Grammar / 2006 / college of Arts, University of Qadisiyah.

  • PhD in Arabic Language / Modern Linguistics / 2013 college of Arts, University of Qadisiyah

Administrative positions

  • College librarian

  • Director of Graduate Studies

  • Secretary of the College Council

  • Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs/ Committees

  • Participated in the examination committees for several years

  • Many procurement committees

  • Many commissions of inquiry

 Printed books

  • Grammatical studies of Kashif Algitaas

  • Arabic dialects in the books of Lahin Al-A’ma

  • Argument and speech directing

  • Pragmatics and discourse analysis (Under publication)

  • Textual analysis of poetic discourse

  • Speech strategies of Imam Ali (AS)

Published studies

  • The pragmatic and argumentative dimensions in the verses of vanity.

  • Analyzing the verses of skimping pragmatically.

  • Reference in the stories of the Prophet.

  • Contemporary morphological issues

  • The semantic consistency of speech

  • investing the mechanisms of the linguistic argument in analyzing the Qur’anic text

  • Al-Hamz and facilitation in Lahin Al-Auma books.

  • Conversational implicature in the poetry of Ahmed Mutar

  • Participating in many conferences and symposia.

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