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A bout the College

    • The college was established in the academic year (1997-1998).

    • The college is situated in the north of Samawa city (officially al-Muthanna), on the main road between Samawa – Qadisiyah.

    • The enrolled college staff is about (80 professors) in addition to (61 employees).

    • The college has five scientific departments i.e. The Department of Arabic Language, the department of History, the department of Geography, the Department of Qur’an science and the Department of English.

    • The number of college students in the academic year 2012-2013 was (2559) for both morning and evening studies.

    • A number of (181) students was graduated in 2012 -2013.

    • Since 2012-2013, both the departments of Arabic and History have started higher studies granting the master degree.

    College Vision

    Since before, the college of Education strives to reach advanced levels to provide the community with educational and scientific staff that is capable of creativity in the field of knowledge to effectively contribute to the development on all levels.

    College Message

    The college takes on shoulder the responsibility of educating and preparing specialized graduates in the field of humanity sciences who can adequately serve the educational institutions according to modern scientific standard. Moreover, the college intends to serve the community i.e. to consider its requirements, and to contribute to establish effective solutions by providing advisory and raise the capacities of the graduates through the process of rehabilitating studies in various specializations.

    College Objectives

    • General Objectives

    It is aimed to develop educators and graduates having the requirements to sufficiently contribute to cultivate the performance of the coming generation by improving their social, cultural and scientific standards to keep pace with worldwide scientific development.


    • Special Objective

    • To prepare qualified graduated to meet the needs of Iraqi educational and scientific institutions.

    • To focus on the modern education based on scientific and grave attitudes and manners of research, field studies and experiment to be responsible for cultivating the coming generation.

    • To keep pace with scientific development in the areas of teaching methods and their application in teaching and in the preparation of scientific cadres to take their roles in the new Iraq.

    • To work on the disseminating of scientific culture and education through contributing to the development of skills of the members of the different government departments within the framework of the service of the institutions and organizations of civil society.

    • Students are provided with scientific, educational and social information for the purpose of assisting to install secondary and intermediate teachers as well as researchers in the field of human sciences.

    • It is to work on creating the spirit of scientific tendency among students as to tackle scientific and educational attitudes. In the same time, it is to adopt the scientific approach as adequate way progression.

    • The college needs to be unique to support research programs for the development of scientific, educational, and future plans to develop the skills of its affiliates to the various fields and support laboratory research and educational centers.

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