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Dean’s Instructions for the students

 Starting from our legal, professional, moral and administrative duty, remind my dear children of things we consider necessary and urgent demand for the student to take seriously and this is summarized by the following:
1- The student of the Faculty of Education should be the most disciplined student in the college and abide by the instructions and laws from his reform and educational function.
2 / The student should invest the university in building his cultural, cognitive and behavioral personality
3 – that the student departs all behaviors that are connected to a community outside the university in a way that does not conform to the university traditions that would demean his personality in front of his professors and colleagues.
4 / That the national affiliation above all other affiliations.
5 / The student should be aware of the great responsibility placed on him as a tool to change society
6 / The student seeks to develop his knowledge and culture through external readings and employ them in his studies as he brings him closer to the professors to receive their attention.
7 / Preserving the property of the college and its cleanliness by reversing its culture and behavior and upgrading its actions in parallel with the stage of receiving it scientifically.
8 / Stay away from everything that would prejudice the honor of this college and future career.
9 / Full knowledge of the laws and instructions concerning these institutions in terms of rights and duties of the student.

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